The Old Ways

I’m old fashion in many ways and the food I prepare and eat is a huge tell tale of that because I cook and bake from scratch. My favorite snack is popcorn, yep the kind you make on top of the stove- it is just so yummy and reminds me of when I was a little girl and we ate popcorn every weekend. I rarely eat fast food and when I do most of the time it is a salad. I like pizza and I like to go the pizzeria I went to as a child.

The memories of our childhood never leave us but they do pull us back into the fold every once in a while and we desire to return to our childhood by visiting places we went to as a child. This could be the local grocery, restaurant, movie theatre, our childhood home ect. We like to walk down memory lane as it gives us a warm and easy feeling and invokes memories that we hadn’t thought about in a very long time.

I do not live far from the town I was raised in and when I drive through it I always have memories come forth from my youth. I drove by my old house and I remembered being stupid and climbing on top of a shanty we had. My mom pulled into the drive and I jumped off with my hand landing on the bottom of a coke bottle. I ended up needing stitches for that little daredevil act and my mom was beyond pissed. I can so remember riding my bike not paying attention and I rode straight into the monkey bars at my school.

I was so young and fresh back then and now as I look in the mirror I am seeing the beginning of crows feet and wrinkles but I still look pretty damn good for my age or so I am told. It seems as if everyone is so afraid of aging but not me because with age comes wisdom and I think men look very distinguished with crows feet and wrinkles. It’s strange how we can be so attractive in our youth and we stand out in a crowd but as we age we tend to blend in.

I am not attracted to a man easily and it seems it is never their appearance that draws me in but their personality instead. I like a person that makes me laugh, that can laugh at themselves and not take themselves to seriously, I like intelligence, someone who loves animals, travel, quiet nights, trying new things and so much more. I do not believe I am asking too much but I have yet to find that one man who will fit perfectly in my life.