Confidence is sexy no two ways about it but a woman who is confident scares the hell out of the average man because men like to be the dominant one in any relationship. Women can be confident without threatening but the man has got to be willing to let the woman be herself without trying to control her. When you try to control someone who says quite a bit about the man. A woman who is confident is more valuable to a man than he may think because she has chosen to  be with him instead of needing him.

Being needed is what a man wants but only for all of the right reasons and when they come across a confident woman they fear they will lose their masculinity. A strong woman knows that the only person she needs to control is herself and building a relationship with any man requires give and take. I am quite confident but I also have my own insecurities-will he like my sense of humor? Am I pretty enough for him? Am I physically acceptable? and the list goes on.

Most people put on a front when you meet them because they are protecting a part of themselves that has been hurt before. When two people can get together and be honest they begin to let their walls down slowly and the real person emerges. I hate when anyone tries to run my life and tell me what to do but ask me and you will find that I am the most loving and giving person you have ever met. I am a loner and enjoy my own company but I do get lonely and pine for adult conversation but have yet to find anyone that keeps my interest as most people do bore me.

I just wish I could meet someone who I could have fun with without the pressure and bullshit and I do not care if he is gay. Gay men are so much fun but a straight guy has more to offer a woman like myself. I want to share my life with someone who gets me and let me tell you getting me isn’t so easy as I keep much to myself and do not open up for just anyone to read. I write because it is a good way to let go of the negative in my life and it helps me build my character, how about you?