As It Goes

I was watching the World Cup and the game was so damn boring and I felt neither team really played well, but that is just my opinion. I saw a set of balls get kicked and numerous ankle injuries. Brazil did win but that was no surprise and I’m sure they will celebrate like they were the winners that deserved to win. Neither team showed any initiative and Brazil will not go far. You do not have to be an avid soccer fan to see that there is no great player on either team.

People around the world live for soccer but not in the states even though kids do play in school here it isn’t a sport that most aspire to be involved in the big leagues. The one thing I did notice is there was very little strength for most of these guys but they do run well. You have to have some serious muscular thighs and strong knees and ankles to play this game well and all I saw was a bunch of pansies for the most part.

I do admit I felt bad for the player that got kicked in the balls as that must have really hurt even though I am sure he wore a cup he got a cleat up his ass, literally. One would think that a cup would be designed that would protect that precious sack but no one has thought of that I guess. These guys are dressed from head to toe and they must get so hot and I would think that would be very uncomfortable unless the clothing is designed to be super light weight and allow air flow.

I still see England winning and Germany doing rather well but I think Nigeria will really do some impressive playing. I never realized how much money is involved in this sport and how much money these players must make. I have no doubt they are treated like Kings and I also have no doubt that some of them if not all have used their fame to get what ever there stiff dicks want. I also can see where they would be arrogant fucks as well because that is what money and fame does to people.


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