I watched the World Cup again today and flipped between channels about nazi hunters and I’m not sure which I found to be more interesting. I picked Chile to win and the game was much more interesting than yesterdays. I was chatting with someone on my facebook and he wants Brazil to win, lmao like that is going to happen. I have picked every winner so far which blows my mind since I do not follow soccer.

It’s strange how the world calls it football, which of course makes sense but the americans call it soccer and the game where you catch the ball and run is called football-go figure americans always have to fuck up things now don’t they. I enjoyed watching Chile but what bothers me is their haircuts as it looks like someone didnt know what the fuck they were doing with those clippers. So many of them have bare spots on their heads which makes me assume they are good at eating pussy and getting their hair pulled out lmao.

Australia looked like a bunch of bananas running up and down the field and they seemed to lack vim and vigor for the game today. One thing I did notice is none of these guys are attractive which is such a shame and I do believe they keep their hair short because they are tired of their babes pulling on their hair and directing them to the right spot, lmao. I know I’m bad but what can I say? I prefer to grab ears myself roflmao.


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