I am not one to tell others my problems or worries and my friends are very few because I do not trust easily and have found people to be back stabbing and never there when you truly need them. Those that I have trusted in my life have taken advantage of me, stolen from me, lied to me and stabbed me in the back, is this their fault or mine? I have always tried to see the best in everyone but the best is usually a pretty poor picture of a good soul.

I hide within myself because it is the safest place I know and I once trusted myself  implicidly but found that I could not do that without paying a price. It has taken years of getting burned for me to re-evaluate how I looked at others and how easily I did trust and I have finally grown and now know I can trust myself again and I do. I took off my rose colored glasses and smashed them and I see the world for what it is, a place of greed, liars and thieves.

Yes, there are good people still around but they are so far and few in between that it makes it hard to trust anyone and I make people jump through hoops before I let them into my inner circle, which I might add is extremely small. I have learned many a lesson the hard way and the lessons I have learned have served me well in this life. I see my own child being taken advantage of just as I was and it pains me so as I cannot stop this.



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