As We Age

When we are young we tend to go along with the latest trends from clothing to how we wear our hair. We want to look attractive to the opposite sex so we can obtain a mate and we do a lot of stupid shit during the growing years. We go through a phase that shows our arrogance and we think we are all that when the truth is we are wet behind the ears and just learning like everyone else.

Some of us find a look that we feel makes us attractive and we keep that look as we age and a perfect example is shown below as this man has worn a goatee for thirty some years and I will admit he still wears it well. He shed his locks gradually but other than that he hasn’t changed much about his appearance. I will say one thing he has been photographed and on tv wearing less than a desirable look as far as I am concerned.

One would think a man of his wealth and stature would dress classier but I guess it’s a foreigner thing as I have seen him wearing tennis shoes that where untied and I have seen him wear the ugliest green tie I have ever seen. I have noticed that foreign men have some really off the wall taste in clothing and the colors that they wear and they do not seem to care that they do not look attractive.

The one thing I notice about these pics is his eyes, the picture on the left shows a happy man, a satisfied man and the pic on the right shows a who is missing something in his life as he is not happy but content. The years have been good to him in many ways but not the ways that truly count and this man has an ache in his heart that he needs to get filled but he is so guarded he refuses to let anyone in.

imagesgabriel-omar-batistuta-long-hairstyle-for-men Batistuta-125x125


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