The Connection

I have been physical with my share of men in my lifetime but to have that mental connection is something quiet unique and rare and once you have that than the physical is no longer satisfying. All of us desire sex but the truth is without that mental connection sex no longer has the intoxicating affect that we require to be fulfilled. As we get older we want more than just sex we want and need that deep connection to feel we are in tune with another.

Men desire sex even as they age but women tend to lose that desire but even a man will walk away from cheap sex if it isn’t mentally satisfying. Once you feel a connection with someone else regardless if you have ever met them or not sex will never give you what you need even though you may lay with another you will always feel empty and incomplete incomplete and actually you feel cheated and you no longer wish to lay with that person.

You can keep having sex with other people looking for that feeling you know is required to make you feel really good but you never will find it because you are drawn to someone else. As long as there are thoughts of another person in your mind you can never move forward. We end up staying in a state of fantasy always fantasizing what it would be like to be with that person and not just in a sexual way but sharing every day simple things together.


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