People come into our lives for a reason, sometimes for a season and sometimes for years and they leave when they have fulfilled their giving or receiving from us. No one comes into our lives without leaving us with something. We learn valuable lessons that serve us in other relationships and anyone that has been part of our lives we never forget that person. We never forget things that happened to that person that has touched our lives and we learn so much from those that have walked in and out of our lives.

Relationships end for a reason as well and more likely than not we have learned at least one lesson from this person. Others teach us how to trust, how to love, how to give, how to protect ourselves and so much more. There are also people we wish were in our lives and we watch them from a distance and one day out of the blue we end up meeting this person and we realize that we wasted so much time by being a bystander in their life.

We already know that this person has a place in our life but we have been so afraid to open the door even a crack to let them in because we fear getting hurt. This person doesn’t want to hurt you because they have a significant part to play in our lives in a positive way. When we finally realize this and do let them in we ask ourselves why did we wait so long to connect with this person? We also realize that our fear is unfounded and we finally find that inner peace we have been seeking for so very long.

Teachers That Don’t Care

My daughter works very hard to have a good g.p.a. and she is taking classes at the local Community College this summer to save money and to get her credits. She attends the University of Detroit Mercy which is a Catholic college and she is doing great there. The instructor for her accounting class at the Community college doesn’t give a shit and her class is supposed to run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. but he lets the class go around 11 a.m. at the latest.

He isn’t even giving the class 1/2 the instruction the pay for and the first test they took most of the class only got about 60% correct. This has my daughter very upset and I don’t blame her but I have helped to alleviate her stress by informing her that she has the right to file a grievance against the teacher at the end of the semester. The teacher is being paid to provide 4 hours of instruction per week and since he isn’t he is committing fraud.

I went to the same community college on and off since the early 80’s and I had a similar problem with an instructor. I turned in all of my assignments and didn’t miss a single class and he gave me a C- and he gave the black students that didn’t turn in homework or came to class A-s. He was a black instructor and I filed a grievance and he changed my grade to the A that I should have gotten to begin with. My daughters instructor thinks he is dealing with a bunch of ignorant students that do not know that they have recourse.

I told my daughter what her options were and she feels so much better but I also told her to keep this information close to the cuff until the last class and then she can tell the other students. The school will not be happy when they find out that this instructor is being paid for hours of instruction he did not give the students. My daughter is working towards graduating a year early and her last semester of school she will be spending in  Washington D. C. working with attorneys.

It’s such a shame that there is nothing sacred and you have to watch your ass and know how to protect yourself in every walk of life, even in the educational system. I am not surprised that this instructor is doing what he is doing because greed and laziness has become the American way for so many. I will not stand by and let this instructor get away with this shit and I will be paying him a visit the last class and making it perfectly clear that if my daughter doesn’t receive an A I will take his ass down and he will never teach there again and yes I will do it without an ounce of guilt.