Some Nerve

My son finally came home and had the nerve to ask me to give his friend gas money, like that was going to happen never. The kid leaves for a week and walks in like nothing he did was wrong and I asked him to put his clothes away, take out the trash and cut the grass. He took his clothes to his room and then he went to the basement for the rest of the day and night, not coming up to do anything that was asked of him.

He is making me not sleep well and I cannot eat but a few bites at a time because I am so upset over this shit. I do not know what to do at this point but I do not think his friend is going to drive 2 1/2 hrs. again to pick him up and drive him all the way back home again because I am not giving him a damn dime. My kid thinks the bills pay themselves and I am just a stupid old woman who he can treat like shit forever.

I am hoping he grows up before he turns 18 because it’s going to be me or him when he comes of age and it sure the hell isn’t going to be me. I think the only way he is going to learn is to be thrown out of the house but if that is what it is going to take then so be it. It breaks my heart to have my child treat me with such disrespect but that is what is piece of shit father taught him before he died and I cannot change it.

I worry myself sick over this kid and I really do not care any longer if he graduates or not and I do not care if he goes to college or not because I am at the point that I almost hate him as well as love him. I just wish I had someone to lean on and someone to help me through this time but as usual there is no one there for me. It’s so damn hard this life I live and I wish that something good would happen to me but then I might as well piss in the wind for all my wishing is doing me.


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