To Miss

Do you ever miss the touch of another?  Do you ever miss looking deeply into anothers eyes? Do you ever miss just lieing together without speaking but just being totally content in the arms of another? I miss these things and so much more but what I really miss is the laughter and having someone understand what I am going through. I miss being able to confide in someone and they have advice that is helpful to me.

I miss holding hands and walking in the mist and I miss long lingering kisses that seem to last forever. I have been told that I am a great kisser but I have no way of knowing if this is true or not. I have been told that I am great in bed and that I am romantic and caring and I have been told that I am pretty and sexy. I have been told so much but if this were all true then I wouldn’t be alone now would I or would I?

I think I just do not put myself out there because I am very picky and I expect to be with someone who is like minded and I have yet to find a single soul that is anywhere close to being like minded as myself. I refuse to have sex for the sake of sex because I know I am better than that and there is no reason for me to give myself to someone for a few hours of sexual pleasure. Being alone is no fun but it is better than being used or using another and that will never happen when it comes to the person that I am.

I know one day the right person will walk into my life when I least expect it and we will be a perfect fit which will shock us both. I do not look for love because I know it will find me when the timing is right and I am where I need to be in my life. I know in my heart that what I have to offer is special and I will not sell myself short because I am lonely and want to be held. So many women will give themselves with hopes that a relationship will begin but life isn’t like that.


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