Fix It

I know a little about a lot of things because I have had to teach myself or pay someone and I do not have extra cash to pay anyone. Big Rick called me and asked me if I knew how to unplug a kitchen sink, wtf???? Of course I know how to unplug a damn sink so I went down to his house and had to undo the pipe under the sink and once it was undone I found the “U” to be filled with fat.

Everyone knows you do not put any type of fat down the sink because it clogs the damn drain and sure as shit Big Rick told me he poured bacon grease down the drain that morning. He was so impressed that I knew how to unclog it he offered to pay me, which of course I didn’t take his money. Big Rick pays to have everything done and he doesn’t know how to do a damn thing but clean house.

Lynn works at the hospital and she makes damn good money and has great benefits but she is always working so Big Rick cleans the house. He has also been the primary caregiver for their adopted daughter Erica. Erica is spoiled rotten and the girl is given every damn thing her heart desires and if she doesn’t like it they go out and buy her bigger and better which of course she doesn’t need.

Big Rick is always laughing at me when he comes over because more likely than not I am fixing something around the house. I do not expect the men in my life to be know it all’s but damn one should be able to rely on a man to fix something. I don’t care how much money you have you would think that a man would want to be able to fix something around the house. I really cannot stand a man who pays for everything and never fixes a damn thing because if I can do it then they should be able to as well.

Just A Nibble

I was watching the World Cup today and I couldn’t believe what I saw! A player bite another player on the shoulder WTF?? I was watching a fight when I saw one boxer bite off part of another’s boxers ear WTF????? What happened to fair play? What happened to playing without sneaking drugs? What happened to players having enough respect for the game to play it fairly?

How can these players act in such a fashion especially when they have so many children looking upon them as idols? Do these players realize what they are doing to the youth? They are showing kids that’s it’s ok to be an asshole and it’s ok to deliberately hurt another player in a way that is above and beyond the norm??? Do they care? Hell no they do not care and some think it’s no big deal.

They really need to review the tape of the World Cup and put fines on that asshole that left teeth marks in the others shoulder. This so pisses me off because young kids playing in the streets will take what they saw and implement into a street game and think it’s fine to be so physically abusive to another. Isn’t there enough bullshit in sports as it is? These guys get paid millions and one would think they would have enough self respect to act accordingly, but no.

It’s ridiculous what we have to pay to see a sporting event in person and most of us cannot afford to take our families to these events any longer. The players get so much damn money and make buckets of it from promoting products and such. It would be nice if they could at least play a clean game without all of the bullshit they are throwing onto the field. I wonder what the retired players think of such behavior and I wonder if they ever used enhancement drugs to increase their game.

The Bend

The bend in any relationship is the beginning of the end which starts in the bedroom when the bed turns into nothing more than a place to sleep. The problem with relationships is that most people forget that sex is one of the most important parts and yes all of us need to have sex even when we do not feel like it. There have been times when I had sex with my husband when I was so tired I had no desire to be touched but that is part of keeping a relationship alive.

Both men and women are not always sexual beings and yes even men like some “down time” when they are tired or overly stressed and upset. When a man doesn’t want to have sex with you on a regular basis then there is something seriously wrong with the relationship. More likely than not he is boning someone else and his desire for you has totally waned and he is thinking of only the other woman he is with.

When a woman doesn’t want sex it is usually because she is very tired but there are those women who have found sex with another man to be exciting and invigorating and yes women will stray. People tend to stray from their relationship instead of talking about it with their spouse or the person they are involved with and I could never figure out why this is. I never understood why this was because the other person has tasted your bodily fluids, sometimes cleaned up your puke or shit and have seen you in every unflattering way that another can see you.

People are so funny as they would rather talk to their friends about the problems in their relationship instead of the person they are involved in. I have always believed in sharing my feelings with my significant other and I do believe that is why most of my relationships were successful until they fell apart, lol. It seems as if I was the one always talking about my feelings and the man kept his feelings to himself.

Men have a difficult time talking about what bothers them or what they would like to see change in their relationship because men tend not to like when a woman gets emotional and most men just have a difficult time expressing themselves. When men talk you have to listen and read between the lines because men will tell you all you need to know, especially when they are cheating.

I think adults need to set aside time for themselves without their kids or friends, just the two of them because the time together gives them a chance to reconnect. I realize our kids dominate our lives but we also have to work on our relationships without the kids being in the forefront. One thing that I do know is a great sex life will keep two people happy and helps feed the relationship.