Just A Nibble

I was watching the World Cup today and I couldn’t believe what I saw! A player bite another player on the shoulder WTF?? I was watching a fight when I saw one boxer bite off part of another’s boxers ear WTF????? What happened to fair play? What happened to playing without sneaking drugs? What happened to players having enough respect for the game to play it fairly?

How can these players act in such a fashion especially when they have so many children looking upon them as idols? Do these players realize what they are doing to the youth? They are showing kids that’s it’s ok to be an asshole and it’s ok to deliberately hurt another player in a way that is above and beyond the norm??? Do they care? Hell no they do not care and some think it’s no big deal.

They really need to review the tape of the World Cup and put fines on that asshole that left teeth marks in the others shoulder. This so pisses me off because young kids playing in the streets will take what they saw and implement into a street game and think it’s fine to be so physically abusive to another. Isn’t there enough bullshit in sports as it is? These guys get paid millions and one would think they would have enough self respect to act accordingly, but no.

It’s ridiculous what we have to pay to see a sporting event in person and most of us cannot afford to take our families to these events any longer. The players get so much damn money and make buckets of it from promoting products and such. It would be nice if they could at least play a clean game without all of the bullshit they are throwing onto the field. I wonder what the retired players think of such behavior and I wonder if they ever used enhancement drugs to increase their game.


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