Good Times

When is the last time you had a really good time with the opposite sex? I’m talking about a time that you will remember over and over again and you will look back on that time as something that really made you feel good. Do you remember how much fun you had and how you wished the day would never end? I cannot remember a day like that and I wish I could because I am sure somewhere in my past I experienced such a feeling.

When you’re with someone special you should have that giddy, happy feeling inside and you want that time to last forever. It’s not often we have days like that but when we do they are the days that we look back on and smile, those are the days that make us feel happy and those are the days we want to relive over and over. I live a pretty sad life because those kind of days elude my memory and every day runs into the next without anything exciting ever happening.

I know these type of days are on the horizon for me but damn it seems like they are taking forever to get here. I also know that my life is going to change for the better and that isn’t to far off as well and I am waiting open arms for such changes to take place. I’m not waiting for Mr. Rich and Famous in fact I am not waiting for anyone in particular but soon enough the right one will walk into my life out of nowhere and that is when I will live once again.


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