So many people are surprised that George Clooney is finally getting married but I am not in the least surprised. Everyone wants to have love and to be happy and even a single man eventually wants to share his life with someone. I have no doubt that George poked more than his share of women but the woman he is marrying isn’t the type of lady that has been poked by a large number of men.

George has found his lady love and he knows that her vagina was visited by few men. She isn’t a woman that kisses and tells and she isn’t one that wants to be in the tabloids. She tolerates it because it is part of the George package but she prefers to live without it. I  like this woman because she and I are a lot alike in many ways and neither one of us needs or wants the tabloids in our lives.

Eventually, I will find the man that wants a woman worth keeping and I am that kind of woman. I like my privacy and I prefer to stay home and cook dinner than to  be going out all of the time. I also prefer to stay home and cuddle with the man that is in my life and I prefer to spend my time sharing romantic times. I am not without my own fault but I am not one looking for the lights, camera and action.

I have dated several very wealthy men but they were into the fame of their game and no where near ready to settle down. They liked being treated special and getting what ever they wanted and it was a turn off to me. I am happy with food on my table and my bills paid and maybe I am not ambitious enough for certain people but frankly I do not care because I am who I am and if that isn’t good enough for someone then they can hit the road.


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