Divine Intervention

There are people who do not believe in divine intervention but I am not one of those people because I believe everyone comes and goes in and out of our lives for a reason. You could be a billionaire and if you are meant to meet someone who is “regular” than it will happen because it is meant to be. It doesn’t matter what your standing is in life or what you have accomplished because what is meant to be will come to pass.

I believe all of us have something to offer someone else and when our work is done we move on as friendships drift apart as well as relationships. You cannot run and you cannot hide from things that are meant to be, all you can do is keep on keeping on and things come to pass. I also believe we go through difficult years because those years help us look at live differently and we grow so much.

When two people are meant to be together they will be and there is nothing that can stop the meeting. There are some so afraid to reach their hand out to the person they are meant to be with but eventually that fear subsides and the meeting takes place. We also cannot judge when or where we will find love as love finds us when we least expect it and all we can do is sit back and wait for that special time.


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