Foolish Choices

When we are young we think we know it all and nobody has ever felt the way that we do or have experienced the things we have. So many meet someone, fall in love and marry because it’s either the best (and only) piece of ass they have ever had or they think marrying a virgin is prime real estate, lmao. We stay true to the one we have married but as the years go by we drift apart and the bed becomes a place to sleep with occasional sex, no more making love.

We may like being married  we do not like how our partner has become a stranger and the sex, when you do get it is mechanical and empty emotionally. We stay for the security, the comfort of familiarity and our children but we are emotionally spent and we begin to long for the touch of another, the feeling we get when we feel excited and we look forward to being with someone who will show us true affection and listen to us.

This is when you know for sure your marriage is over and even if you have married for life or thought the commitment you made would last a lifetime comes to a screeching halt. We hate admitting to ourselves that our marriage “failed” but the truth is we didn’t fail, we have just outgrown our situation and we long to feel that special feeling once again. It isn’t easy telling the kids and the family that divorce is eminent but we also can no longer be unhappy and watch the days goes by wishing we were free to find love once again.

Once we make the decision to split we get back into the dating game and some fuck everything that walks and talks and some date being very cautious and protective of ourselves. Eventually, we tire of the dating game and we begin to look for someone like minded, someone who understands us and wants to share our same likes. Once we find that person the second time around relationship is so much richer and so much more enjoyable as we grow old together.

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