Kegels Rock

After women give birth we tend to be “looser” and that takes away from the pleasure of sex for the man because the friction is no longer as it once was. Doing Kegel excercises tightens up those muscles and gives the man so much more sexual pleasure. Most women either lie there or are in different positions and think all is well when in fact there is something they can do to enhance the sexual experience.

I have no doubt that I am pretty damn tight because it has been so long since I have experienced penetration and believe me I cannot wait for the right guy so I can enjoy sex once again. Even though I am tight I still would be doing one big Kegel exercises during sex because it gives the male so much more pleasure. I know that my husband always enjoyed it when I tightened those muscles upon penetration.

This is such a simple thing to do which brings so much more excitement and pleasure to the sexual experience for a male but few have ever had a woman take the initiative and they have no idea what they are denying their man of. I enjoy experimenting sexually and I think a healthy sex life is so important to any relationship and I do all I can to keep both myself as well as my mate excited and wanting me even more.

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