You can always tell when someone isn’t happy in the relationship that they are in because they are always looking elsewhere, under cover of course. If you are in a relationship you should either get out of it if you are not happy or work on it. Most people, especially men tend to set themselves up with another woman before they permanently leave their current relationship because they need the security of another relationship first.

I do not agree with this in the least but people are people and they deal with life in very different ways. If you are in a relationship currently and you are looking then your relationship is already over and it is just a matter of time before you end it permanently.It isn’t easy ending any relationship and sometimes we dick around playing different scenarios in our mind until we finally can make the move that is inevitable.

Sometimes, the person we are with has done nothing wrong and we actually like them as a person and a friend but the chemistry isn’t there any longer and we want more in our lives. Some go on the internet and look at pictures of other women, chat with other women in life and online and then out of nowhere there is that one person that just grabs us and we cannot get them out of our mind.

We become obsessed and we want to know everything about that person and we think about them constantly, what it would be like to spend time with them, hold their hand, kiss them, hug them, make love to them and so on. Eventually, we can no longer deny what we feel and we do whatever it takes to meet that person. When we finally do meet them that first meeting tells us everything we need to know to give direction to our lives.

It’s scary to think we are ending one relationship for someone we have obsessed over because what if the person doesn’t do a damn thing for us when we meet? But what is even scarier is the prospect of falling hard and fast for the person you thought you had secretly come to know. What if it doesn’t work out? Ahhhh, but what if it does???? Is there really a happy ending inside??? Damn right there is always that possibility and when it does work out we ask ourselves why we wasted so much time….


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