Too Much

We built this house in 2008 and moved in 2009, we ended up having to sue our builder but we didn’t get a tenth of what that bastard owed us. He did such a shitty job on so many things including our stamped driveway. He put the color on top of the cement to save money and his cement sucked and with such a harsh winter my driveway has cracked and literally crumbled in spots.

I do not have the money to have a new driveway poured so I bought a bag of cement and patched it the best I could. We are going to have to “paint” it ┬áthis weekend instead of enjoying ourselves at the rv but that is ok because Shelby will be going to Leo’s family reunion Saturday. I have so much to constantly repair or replace and the size of this house is just too much for us and I cannot wait for it to sell.

I’m tired, always tired because I do not sleep well even with sleeping medication as I toss and turn all night. It’s funny how Gabe and Mike sleep on my bed and Michael insists on sleeping right below my neck and he moves the covers so he can be touching me, lol. Khloe comes up on the bed and messes with the dogs and wants to play constantly, that’s when she isn’t licking her coochie.

This cat is so crazy and she thinks she’s a dog as I call her and she comes just like the boys and she is always wanting to play. I do not know what I would do without my pets to keep me laughing and if you ever met me you would never know I have a worry in the world. I purge myself of everything that makes me sad, mad or depressed by writing so others never know how truly sad I am.

I have it better than most and I am thankful for what I have and I am thankful that I have my children no matter how hard things get with my son. Ryan has been rather nice the last few days because he borrowed money from a friend and he has been working up the nerve to ask me to give him the money to repay his friend. I told him if he helps around the house and helps with the driveway I would give him the money and he has been helping.

We haven’t done anything as a family in ages so Friday we are going to go to the show and I will take the kids out for lunch, which they both will enjoy. I don’t eat out anymore because I can’t eat more than two ounces of food, seriously. If anyone ever asked me out to dinner I would turn them down and ask if we could do something else because I hate to waste money, anyone’s money and taking me out to eat is such a waste as I cannot eat much.

I really would rather do something fun with someone than to go out to eat but if you don’t like the person than going out to eat doesn’t require too much of your time. I went out to eat with a guy one time and I couldn’t believe what he did, I didn’t finish my meal and he just started eating right off of my plate after he finished his meal! Needless to say, I didn’t go out with him again, what a jerk!!!