One Act

People have no idea how one act of kindness can touch so many and how that one act gets passed on from person to person. We have no idea how a simple act of giving or doing can change the way someone looks at the world and how they react to that act. Giving comes from the heart with no expectations of any return for that act and when we give we are doing such a justice for another without even knowing the tears that person may shed from someone caring.

It touches me so deeply to see others doing the greatest of deeds that others may see as to simple and without it touching anyone. A simple act of kindness can literally change the world as it is moved from one person to another and then another. A soup kitchen, helping the elderly, the handicapped are acts that keep on giving and to touch another in such a way does more for the person doing it than those that are receiving it or so many may think.

When we reach out to others we are reaching within ourselves and handing over a special act of love that so many are not capable of doing. People are so greedy and self centered but then there are those that can only live in peace from doing for others. I am no one special but I try to give from my heart in small acts of kindness and giving and even if those are small they are a step in the right direction to touch someone else’s life in a positive way.

My life has not been easy and I have experienced so much pain but not nearly as much as so many others have and that is what makes us compassionate and loving individuals. We ask for nothing in return and can only hope our acts can move another to pass it on and see to it that others can take our kindness and touch someone else’s life. The world is so full of hatred but every once in  a while you run across someone who touches your life in the way no one else ever has.