It is so odd how life works and how I can care so deeply for someone who I have never known and the distance between us isn’t great but seems as if we are on the other side of the world from each other. How one comes into our life isn’t important because two people meant to be together will always be together in one way or another. I think of this man from morning until night and the time in between and I only want to see this man happy.

He once told me he wasn’t happy and that has stuck to me like bbq sauce on ribs and it bothers me so to know that inside, he isn’t happy. He has plenty of money and friends to keep him occupied but I do believe no one really knows him because he hides so much inside of himself, as I do. He has everything most people would ever want but it isn’t of importance to him, not really.

He is a man of love of beauty and grace and he is missing what he needs and wants most out of life and that is love, real mature love of a woman. I cannot move forward in my life because he takes up so much space in my mind and heart even though he has done nothing to earn it. He runs and hides from the truth of what is in his mind and heart but he is a prisoner within himself and one day he will finally seek out the woman who has controlled him from a distance.

It is only a matter of time before he gives up his fight and reaches out to his maiden of choice and hopefully for him, she will still be waiting. It is so hard to be emotionally invested in someone when you do not know that someone other than through words and pictures. There will come a day my dear in the near future that you will no longer be afraid of what keeps you wanting me and you will come to me and find out what real happiness means and how it really feels.


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