I have always been interested in the psychology of the mind, may it be of human or animal as I get great enjoyment out of studying people and animals and the way they respond to life. People can be so predictable and when you watch enough people you will find that they react in the same way to the same thing, that is generally speaking. When you watch people and animals you discover so much about yourself that you never knew.

Animals respond to food, affection and attention in positive and loving ways as they give as much as they get if not more. People react differently to love, affection and attention and like animals when a person has been hurt they shy away from love because love and pain coincide and animals think the same way. Praise is another thing that both people and animals respond to and the more you praise the more praise is wanted.

You can always tell when an animal has been abused because they shy away from anyone that tries to show them affection and attention. People on the other hand react differently as they put up walls and push the person away. Those that have been hurt dance around love because it is so wanted but attached to it is the pain that comes from previous rejection and lack of attention.

It’s very difficult for both animal and man to move past getting hurt but with the right methods both species can be provoked to come around and let someone love them again. Rejection for both species is painful but both species want to love again, want to care again and want to be part of the bigger picture. I adore my pets and lavish them with love and affection and it shows as I enter my home and they come running to me.

Some people are not capable of showing true love and affection but that doesn’t mean they are without emotion and desire to feel love towards them. My dad was that kind of person as was my husband so I learned to live without love and affection that I so badly needed. I realize why both men where incapable of showing emotion because both were raised without it and that is where we learn, our childhood.

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