Eyes To Touch

You can tell so much about a person when you look into their eyes because the eyes are truly the window to the soul. When you are attracted to someone your eyes smile and you pay attention to what the person is saying and what they are also not saying. When someone cannot look you in the eye then they are generally lieing to you and are being deceitful as they divert their attention away from you.

You can also tell when someone wants to kiss you but they haven’t quite gotten up the nerve and you can also tell when someone wants to have sex with you because their body language as well as their eyes say so much. I have been told that I have “doe eyes” which means they are big and innocent looking but the truth is I am not innocent in the least bit.

When you combine the look in someones eyes with their touch you can tell if the person really cares about you or if they just want to have sex with you. A person that is really interested in another person spend time touching as they touch your arm, your hand and put their arm around you. All of this body language says volumes and you get that feeling that the person wants to have sex with you, you just know it.

I am a very physical person and when I am interested in someone I am always touching them somewhere but not in a suggestive way. When I am really interested in a man I touch his face and look into his eyes and my hand wonders down his face to his neck and then his chest. When I am physical with someone I like to touch their body lightly which gives them goose bumps and I like to give them a massage of the entire body to relax them and it also gets them excited.

Men love a massage and they love to be massaged from head to toe and working the lower abdomen without touching a mans member really gets them going. I like to flutter my fingers around his manhood and every once in a while slightly touch him and it’s funny how that gets a mans manhood twitching. It’s all in the eyes and the touch that make romance so damn hot, so want to be touched??????

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