Get Along

It’s always so fun when we get along with our kids but there always seems to be one that is really funny. My daughter, Shelby is hilarious as she is always and doing things that make me laugh. She tells me to suck a dick all the time and I told her I would if there were one available, lmao and she looks at me with a shocked expression lol. She asked me the other day if I had noticed that Khloe our cat had like no space between her asshole and va jj and I told her no I hadn’t as I am not looking at that end of her and I asked her why she was looking there anyway.

Shelby comes up with the most off the wall comments and she notices the oddest things and she wanted to see Bingo’s penis, lmao. She notices Gabes penis when he is trying to hum Mike and she gets so grossed out when their penis’s touch her. She is always obsessed with having a baby, not that she wants one now but the entire process of giving birth is so interesting.

She asked me if I would like another child and I told her I would rather wrap my vagina around a bicycle seat first. My child bearing years are over and I am glad because that bleeding every month was a real pain in the ass. Raising kids is a lot of work and when you work full time and go to school it becomes extremely draining but I am glad I have my kids and that they are almost grown.

I am still young enough to enjoy life and do my own thing and my kids are old enough to be on their own. It’s fun to joke with my kids and every time Shelby tells me to suck a dick I just laugh because of the way she says it. Yesterday, she told me I had the biggest nipples of any woman and that they are darker than a black persons, lmao. I am a sun worshipper and I prefer to sunbathe in the nude but I have those white marks under my ass cheeks that just don’t get tanned because my ass is hanging low, o well.


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