You can always tell when someone’s relationship is headed for divorce because they do nothing but chisel away at their partner. They pick and pick and they find fault with so many things and they do this in private as well as public. Other people can see what we do not because we are in the circle and they are on the outside looking in. It doesn’t matter how well you get along as business partners because when you decide that you no longer like your partner you push them away.

So many people thought Bob and I had the perfect relationship because we never did out “chiseling” in front of others. When we were alone he would pick and pick and tell me everything that I was doing wrong or what was wrong with me. At one point I was never good enough at anything and I never was pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, just never enough of anything.

People do not realize what they are doing when their relationship is falling apart and they never take the time to step back and analyze what they are doing. No one likes to be put down and having it done to you constantly really wears on you. After a while one of the partners just gives up all together and divorce is filed to the total shock of the other person. It’s so much easier to talk it out but most people do not know how to communicate without lashing out and that is when the end is apparent.


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