Empty Beach

I would so love to be on an island with no one around so I could walk naked and splash in the water. I enjoy being naked because clothes are so cumbersome and annoying and I just like the feel of the cool breeze on my skin. I am not shy about my body nor am I embarrassed and yes I do have a few stretch marks from child birth but they tan up nicely and are not that noticeable.


It would be so great to bet close with someone and walk on the beach together just chatting about anything and everything. People get to hung up on appearance and for the most part people get really embarrassed when they are seen naked. We should never be ashamed of our bodies and I think it is so damn romantic to be with someone special laughing and playing on an empty beach.

Making love on a beach is also so damn romantic but the sand up the ass isn’t something that I really enjoy but hey it comes with the territory. I so wish I were sitting under a palm tree with a really nice breeze and the one that holds my affection. I wonder what a blow job would feel like on the beach as the wetness from the mouth and the cool breeze on the cock must feel exciting as hell, damn I wish I were there right this second.



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