The Connection

Have you ever had someone come into your life that you felt a real connection with? They have been through many of the same things you have, they feel the same way you do about so many things, they like the same music, art, have the same hobbies and interests? Why do you think such a person entered your life? It doesn’t matter how the connection started and it could have started as a way to kill your boredom and you never meant to get so hooked on the person?

This happens quite a bit over the wires and people find a common connection and they feel safe connecting with another person. It is so nice to hook up with someone who gets you, that understands you, that has experienced many of the same things you have. People come to our lives for a reason they are not random and they are not someone who “just” comes to you. Everyone that comes into our lives has something to bring to us, something to teach us and sometimes that thing they bring is the very thing we have needed for so very long.

It’s just like love, we do not fall in love with just anyone, there is a rhyme and reason to every meeting. People are afraid to admit that there is a high power at work but the truth is that very power brings into our lives what we need exactly when we need it. Our soul mates are sent to us at just the right time and we meet this person when we are supposed to regardless if we fight it or not.

Two people who are meant to be together will be together, may it be friendship, enemy, life partner ect. yes even an enemy has something to teach us regardless if it is a painful lesson or not. You know when someone cares for you and if that person wants to hurt you but if someone cares they are not out to hurt you but to give you something instead.  If you are smart you will follow your heart and throw caution to the wind because low to the ground is the very person who is meant for you and you alone.


Guilt can eat you alive if you let it and some people do not feel any guilt what so ever and they are psychopaths who feel nothing at all. I was feeling so guilty when my husband died because I felt as if I should have been there from the day he found out he was dieing but he never told me. When he did come home from the hospital he was in the hospice program and they gave me morphine to give to him for the pain.

He never complained about pain but when I laid next to him he told me it hurt so I only sat next to him that one time. The last few days of his life I gave him the prescribed amount of morphine and on the day he died I gave him the total amount prescribed. When he died I felt as if I had killed him and I talked to my friend Lynn about it because she is a nurse and she told me I didn’t kill him but relieved some of his pain.

I walked around with the pain of that guilt for over two years before I talked to Lynn about it and I was so miserable I wanted to die myself. Guilt is something that weighs heavily on me and that is why I avoid lieing to anyone. I also cannot steal because I cannot live with the guilt and several years ago I found an ipad on a plane and was going to keep it because I do not have an ipad and really want one.

I ended up finding the name of the person that owned the ipad because he didn’t have it password protected and I contacted him and got his address and mailed it to him. Last year I had hired several men to do some work for me and I found a wallet which belonged to one of the men. I couldn’t find any contact information in his wallet so I called the company that referred him to me and told them about his wallet and he came back to get it.

I felt guilty going through his wallet but what else was I to do? I hate violating anyone’s privacy and I hate my privacy invaded but if I find something that belongs to someone else I will return it with all of the contents. I could never keep money from someone’s purse or wallet and I could never keep anything that isn’t mine, maybe I am being stupid but I would hope that someone would do the same if I ever lost something of importance.

In today’s world most people would keep a wallet or purse or any other piece of property they found and they wouldn’t think anything of it but not me. I am a strong believer in karma and I damn well know better than most that karma is a bitch and yes she will bite you and take a huge hunk. I am no angel but I am extremely spiritual and I have to live with my choices so I try to live a good life, a fair and honest life but I also have to remember not everyone is like myself.

Real Estate

When I first listed my home with my realtor I agreed to a 5% commission and I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. My listing expired and she contacted me wanting to relist it but I started thinking about the commission and got her to agree to 5% on the first 200,000.00 and 1.5% on the remainder which saves me around $3000.00 on the commission. People automatically accept the standard 6% that the realtors request without knowing you can negotiate.

Houses are moving faster than they were so I think I might get lucky and sell in the next two months, possibly. The house doesn’t have much furniture any longer and we have gotten rid of all of the clutter so we just need to have the right person see the house and love it. The realtor doesn’t sell the home, the home sells itself and the realtor promotes it. We just finished staining the driveway again which makes the house have great street appeal.

We are so ready to move but I will not give away my home because once it sells I need to buy another home and have some savings left over and that is why I cannot lower the price or accept less. When someone falls in love with a house they try to get it cheaper but if the seller wont budge than the buyer will come in at full price if the house is the house of their dreams.

The Catfish Syndrome

My daughter watches a show called Catfish and I started watching it with her because I have been trying to figure out why people do such a thing. I have noticed that 99% of these people are women who have super low self esteem as they are not attractive or very over weight. Some of these people are also gay looking for love in hopes that the person on the other end will eventually fall for them as well.

It all starts out so innocently or so the person that is doing the catfishing thinks but from the start they are deceptive using other people’s photos. They never get on skype and always have one excuse or another for not meeting the person. They start chatting with the person and they build a rapor with their catfish and the relationship builds over time. The catfisher gets so caught up in their own lies they do not know how to come clean as the guilt becomes overwhelming.

Everyone wants to be loved, to be understood and when someone has low self esteem and they are unhappy with themselves and they meet someone online that they become attracted to they build a fake persona to stay in touch. It is so sad that people feel so shitty about themselves that they have to pretend to be someone else but it is the only happiness that they can feel, which is so wrong of course.

The internet is a dangerous place because you can be who ever who choose to be and you can say whatever you want and someone will believe you. I do not think anyone sets out to deliberately catfish because they are just wanting to be accepted and loved. One thing people forget is when you tell one lie you need to tell more lies to cover the first lie and people hate being lied to.

So many are lonely and reaching out to find someone to connect with and when they lie they have no idea how much they are hurting the other person. People are selfish and so wanting to find love they forget what they are doing will eventually bite them in the ass. I do not catfish and would never do that to someone because I already know that someone is going to get hurt.