Real Estate

When I first listed my home with my realtor I agreed to a 5% commission and I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. My listing expired and she contacted me wanting to relist it but I started thinking about the commission and got her to agree to 5% on the first 200,000.00 and 1.5% on the remainder which saves me around $3000.00 on the commission. People automatically accept the standard 6% that the realtors request without knowing you can negotiate.

Houses are moving faster than they were so I think I might get lucky and sell in the next two months, possibly. The house doesn’t have much furniture any longer and we have gotten rid of all of the clutter so we just need to have the right person see the house and love it. The realtor doesn’t sell the home, the home sells itself and the realtor promotes it. We just finished staining the driveway again which makes the house have great street appeal.

We are so ready to move but I will not give away my home because once it sells I need to buy another home and have some savings left over and that is why I cannot lower the price or accept less. When someone falls in love with a house they try to get it cheaper but if the seller wont budge than the buyer will come in at full price if the house is the house of their dreams.

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