The Catfish Syndrome

My daughter watches a show called Catfish and I started watching it with her because I have been trying to figure out why people do such a thing. I have noticed that 99% of these people are women who have super low self esteem as they are not attractive or very over weight. Some of these people are also gay looking for love in hopes that the person on the other end will eventually fall for them as well.

It all starts out so innocently or so the person that is doing the catfishing thinks but from the start they are deceptive using other people’s photos. They never get on skype and always have one excuse or another for not meeting the person. They start chatting with the person and they build a rapor with their catfish and the relationship builds over time. The catfisher gets so caught up in their own lies they do not know how to come clean as the guilt becomes overwhelming.

Everyone wants to be loved, to be understood and when someone has low self esteem and they are unhappy with themselves and they meet someone online that they become attracted to they build a fake persona to stay in touch. It is so sad that people feel so shitty about themselves that they have to pretend to be someone else but it is the only happiness that they can feel, which is so wrong of course.

The internet is a dangerous place because you can be who ever who choose to be and you can say whatever you want and someone will believe you. I do not think anyone sets out to deliberately catfish because they are just wanting to be accepted and loved. One thing people forget is when you tell one lie you need to tell more lies to cover the first lie and people hate being lied to.

So many are lonely and reaching out to find someone to connect with and when they lie they have no idea how much they are hurting the other person. People are selfish and so wanting to find love they forget what they are doing will eventually bite them in the ass. I do not catfish and would never do that to someone because I already know that someone is going to get hurt.

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