The Connection

Have you ever had someone come into your life that you felt a real connection with? They have been through many of the same things you have, they feel the same way you do about so many things, they like the same music, art, have the same hobbies and interests? Why do you think such a person entered your life? It doesn’t matter how the connection started and it could have started as a way to kill your boredom and you never meant to get so hooked on the person?

This happens quite a bit over the wires and people find a common connection and they feel safe connecting with another person. It is so nice to hook up with someone who gets you, that understands you, that has experienced many of the same things you have. People come to our lives for a reason they are not random and they are not someone who “just” comes to you. Everyone that comes into our lives has something to bring to us, something to teach us and sometimes that thing they bring is the very thing we have needed for so very long.

It’s just like love, we do not fall in love with just anyone, there is a rhyme and reason to every meeting. People are afraid to admit that there is a high power at work but the truth is that very power brings into our lives what we need exactly when we need it. Our soul mates are sent to us at just the right time and we meet this person when we are supposed to regardless if we fight it or not.

Two people who are meant to be together will be together, may it be friendship, enemy, life partner ect. yes even an enemy has something to teach us regardless if it is a painful lesson or not. You know when someone cares for you and if that person wants to hurt you but if someone cares they are not out to hurt you but to give you something instead.  If you are smart you will follow your heart and throw caution to the wind because low to the ground is the very person who is meant for you and you alone.

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