There are times in our lives that we have to set aside our fears of the unknown and go for it. The only way we ever know for sure if something is right for us is going for it regardless of the consequences. No one ever scored a goal by standing back and doing the math before they hit the ball into the net, no one ever got anywhere in life without taking chances and having faith that everything will work out for the best.

There are no guarantees in life other than death and that is why I have always set aside my fears and pushed forward no matter how slow my progress may be I have always forged forward. I have had a pretty hard life compared to many but I do not wave it like a flag in anyone’s face asking for their help or understanding because no one really cares when you get right down to it.

Those that sit on the bench hoping things will turn in their favor end up with splinters in their ass because when you sit and do nothing that is exactly what you get, nothing. I am not a lucky person so I never play the casinos and only rarely play the lottery. I read my horoscope yesterday and it said by a scratch off lottery ticket because I would have  a great chance of winning and you know what? I actually did win even though it was only five dollars I still won.

I have learned if you do nothing to make a positive change in your life then you are stunting your personal growth and I am already short enough, lol. It’s hard being a single mother relying on no one but yourself to make the right moves for your family. Yes, I have failed at different things but it wasn’t for the lack of trying to make things better for us and nothing or nobody will ever keep me from doing what is right.

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