I think one of the sexiest things you can do with your mate is make a sex tape so they can watch it over and over when they are away on business. Men love to see a woman naked in different sexual positions doing sexual things to them. Men love to watch a naked woman kissing them all over and giving them a blow job very seductively. Giving head is a fine art and not every woman knows how to perform such an act.

When you go down on a man you start by making out with him and then slowly kissing his chest and working your way down. You flutter your fingers around his groin area as you kiss his chest and then you kiss around his member and play with his balls. You then slowly lick here and there and then lick the tip of his member. You slowly take him in your mouth a little at a time and you back off and start over again.

When you finally have him in his entirety in your mouth you stroke him with your hand as well as tighten your lips as you go up and down on him. Most women hate going down on a guy but I enjoy it as long as he is shaved. It’s been years since I have had a man in my life to go  down on but just like riding a bike you never forget how to give pleasure to the male body.

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