It never seizes to amaze me how words said with the right tone can be so controlling over our bodies. I have been told by numerous men through out my life that I have a very sexy and sultry voice. I have the perfect deep sexy voice for phone sex and I can master words that give sexual arousal quite easily and I can get a man excited with very little energy. I enjoy sex and I enjoy getting a man excited and the men I have been with have always been sexually satisfied.

I have no doubt the men that read what I write get a hard on and get very sexually aroused because men are visual and they can easily read anything sexual and get turned on. I know the importance of sex in a mans life and I being a very sexual individual myself I know what the male body responds to and what it doesn’t. Men like romance as much as women and men like to be touched a certain way as well.

I miss romance and sex so much but I am not one to go out and jump some guys bones because I am wet and feeling horny as hell. When you have been celibate as long as I have it is hard to keep yourself in check but my ethics and morals always out weigh my sexual desires. The next man I am physical with damn well better eat his wheaties, cheerios and post toasties because it is going to be a sexual marathon for sure.


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