Young To Old

When we are young we experience so many first times, the first date, the first kiss, the first time we have sex, the first true love, the first heart break and so many other firsts we share with someone else. We fall in love and think this is it, we have found our life long mate so we date just that one person and eventually marry them and raise a family thinking I will grow old with this person.

After we have our children we find ourselves growing apart from the life long love and we begin to have regrets of not living our life as a single individual and sampling everything life has to offer us. We begin to go to bed and sleep on our side and they sleep on theirs and there is no more hot, romantic making love just occasional sex just so we can get a release and we roll over and go to sleep.

After years of living like this we begin to want more, so much more we want the romance again and we want the laughter. We say we will never cheat and we keep ourselves busy so we do not let our wondering eyes take our bodies with them. We just can no longer find happiness in our current relationship and one of us finally makes the move that both of us knew would happen but the reality was just too much to handle.

We end up moving out and moving on and we try counseling and getting back with our partner but we realize nothing is ever going to change and we refuse to continue living life that way. We are cordial to each other but we begin to look for that one person to fill that emptiness within us and when we least expect it we meet that very person. We begin to build a relationship if not in real life in our own minds and that person becomes what we want so badly, that person fills our world with fantasy as well as reality. We want nothing more than to feel this person and what they have to offer to us.

We go to bed thinking about that person and we wake up with them on our mind and we think of nothing but them all through the day as we work or do what we must to get to the evening. We dream of one day lieing next to them and kissing them, making love to them and just talking to them and all we want is to be with that person. Finally, one day we can no longer stand not being with that person and we meet them and our world is completely changed forever.

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