I tend to believe that there is good in everybody and everybody deserves a second chance but then they seem to fuck that up and want a third and fourth chance. I have learned to never give anyone more than a total of three chances before I cut them lose. The only time I do not give second chances is when someone cheats on me because once a cheater always a cheater.

When you are cheated on that shows that the person cheating is to fearful to confront whatever problems they have with you and sometimes, hell most of the time the cheater wants his cake and eat it to. So many people like their spouse or significant other but they do not like what is missing from their relationship and they prefer to cheat to get their needs filled. When someone cheats they are opening up pandora’s box to a huge set if issues to deal with eventually.

I’m the type of person you are either with me or you are not and if you want to see someone else that is fine but do not expect to be welcome under the sheets with me. When you like someone you either like them a lot, enough to get involved with them or you just like them as friend type relationship. I have never cheated on anyone because I am not that way and I prefer to end the relationship rather than disrespect the person.

If I am kissing you and sucking your dick I do not want you fucking someone else because that is just gross to me knowing your dick is in another person and your lips are on their body. Yes, I am old fashioned but I prefer to live my life that way and to be as honest as I can with people because lieing makes me crazy and I hate hate hate being lied to. I can handle any truth but lieing, well lieing I avoid like getting herpes.

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