On The Beach

Have you ever sat on a beach and stared out over the water? I so enjoy the beach and love the breeze that blows from the water and the view of the water is so soothing to me. I have spent quite a bit of time in the sun this summer and I tan very easily so I look quite dark and my daughter told me I was so dark I could be confused as a black person-she was joking but I do have a pretty dark deep tan this year.

When I tan my blue eyes pop out and a tan always makes us look healthier and prettier some how. I sunbathe in the nude at home and every once in a while someone will be walking in the field behind my house and they get a free viewing, lol. I have avoided tan lines this year but I still have those white spots under my ass cheeks but nobody is looking there anyway.

I wish I could walk naked on the beach but I would have to drive to far to find a nudest beach and I do not know anyone that is comfortable with themselves enough to go to a nudist beach. Nudist beaches are for those that are comfortable with nudity not those that want to gawk and laugh and you will see all types of bodies at that type of beach. People do not care about weight or size and nobody judges anyone.

I hope the next man I get involved with doesn’t have a hang up about being nude because I will be walking around naked as much as possible. Being naked is always nice for random sex as well, no clothes to remove and no wasting time simply just play time and fun. I think being naked is healthy and it feels good as well and nobody can tell me different because I have experienced this feeling to many times.


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