Some people think that a person that has come into their lives has come at the wrong time but the truth is they came into the life of the person for a reason. Everyone we meet has something to teach us and that teaching may be about life, love, ourselves or the world around us. When someone comes into your life and they are of the opposite sex and you are in an unhappy relationship the new individual is showing you something that needs to be changed.

You can never blame another person for destroying your relationship or taking your love away from you because if that person was really in love with you and committed to you nobody could budge them from your side. When you are attracted to someone of the opposite sex and I mean really attracted, drawn in by this person they have something very special to teach you.

They could be your soulmate and they are not luring you away from your significant other they just have something to share with you or teach you. Nobody wants to be part of a break up and no one generally is because when you are unhappy and someone makes you happy you are going to go for the happiness. People who stay in an unhappy relationship use excuses for not leaving.

Most people must have someone else lined up before they make the move they need to make because they find much security in a relationship. If you  are in an unhappy relationship you will leave it when the time is right for you regardless if you have someone new in wings or not. Sometimes, no matter how strong our morals and ethics are matters of the heart take precedenc because we are emotional beings requiring love and affection to be happy.

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