I think we spend so much time making others happy and doing for others that we tend to forget about ourselves and our needs. We spend so much time trying to keep our spouse happy as well as our children and we are looked upon as the matriarchs of the family. We spend countless amount of hours planning trips, dinners, repairs around the house ect. but when do we take the time to look at our own lives and do what makes us happy?

I know I have spent my life doing for others and always trying to make others happy and I have set my own wants and needs aside. I let myself get lost somewhere as I have bent over backwards doing for others. I have always made sure the bills were paid, school supplies purchased, groceries purchased, dinners made, laundry done, mending done, driving the kids to and from events and the list goes on.

I can remember about five years ago I had pneumonia and I drove myself to the hospital and when I was released I got my own prescriptions and drove myself home. I have sat back and examined my life and my time will be here shortly and yes I am going to do for myself everything I have wanted to do but haven’t because I was taking care of everyone else. I do not regret anything I have done or given to my family but it is time for me to think of me.

I have been so focused on caring for my kids and this house that I haven’t spent anytime going after what I want. I want to meet that special person and I do not care if they live on the other side of the world because I would move in a heartbeat for happiness and love. I just want to meet someone who is willing to give up as much as I am to be with me and I want someone who compliments me and I them, is that too much to ask?


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