If you were to compare yourself to a vegetable which one would you be? I would be a vadalia onion because like an onion I have many layers and like the vadalia onion I am sweet.There are so very few people who really know me because I do not show myself to many and just like layers it takes someone very special for me to expose my inner core to. People think they know others so well but the truth is they do not because all of us have secrets we keep close to the cuff.

My girlfriend Sue is the only person that knows me like no one else does but I do not tell her everything about myself either. Sue gets me, she understands me and she has stood by my side when my entire world crashed. Sue was the one that told me I needed to be on meds when my bipolar went crazy and Sue actually saved my life because she cared enough to stick by me when the big crash came.

She could see why I was so unhappy in my marriage and she understood why I could no longer live the life I was living with my husband. It was such a tough decision to finally leave but when I finally made up my mind that was it I was gone. It’s not often you find someone you can really trust and talk to about the darkest hours of your life but when you do it is like a breath of fresh air.

My husband knew quite a bit about me and he understood my relationship with my mother because she treated him like shit as well as me. He understood so much about me but so little at the same time. The next man I get involved with will have that something that I am looking for in another person and he will be one that I can confide in and lean on when my load just gets to heavy to carry any longer.


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