Just Do It

I think confidence is sexy and when a man just goes for it it shows his confidence. Real men do not wait for the right time they make the time right and they do what they have to to get what they want out of life. I have learned waiting for something good to happen is like waiting for a diamond to fall in your lap so I have always set my fears aside and forged ahead.

We tend to let our worries and fears lead us but sometimes you just know you have to try for the very thing you really want. Everyone nows life holds no guarantees but we also know that if we do not try we will never succeed. You may have done or set some not so smart things that you fear will pop up and make you feel foolish but that is always a chance you have to take.

If you have no malice in your heart you will find that you succeed more often than not. No man is an island and no one should ever live their life in fear or doubt. A man who wants a specific woman has got to show her he really wants her or she will look elsewhere for the attention and affection that she needs. Love, real love is rare but when you have affection for someone and you show it and they are drawn to you, you will find your dreams fulfilled and your heart over flowing with everything you have ever wanted emotionally so just do it and go for it.

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