Never Know

You never know how long anyone is going to be in your life and you never know what life would be like without them. You can think about someone all of the time, dream about them, fantasize about them and wish you were with them but if you don’t go after that person then you will always be left wondering. It’s so hard for me to let anyone in but I have finally reached the point in my life that I am truly ready to love again.

I have saved myself for someone special for a very long time and I do not know if we will ever meet but I do know that he means so much to me even though I do not know him. I just get such a deep feeling that he gets me, understands me, sympathizes with me and cares a hell of a lot about me. Maybe I am wrong but I have no way of knowing at this point if he even wants to meet me.

There is no guarantee that we would become one and maybe he doesn’t want to be committed or tied down and I am not looking to clip his wings, I just want to touch his face, kiss his lips and run my hand over his body. I am drawn to this man and I have no idea why other than I was attracted to his picture from years gone past. He is no longer that young man and he is aging gracefully and I find him very attractive.

He doesn’t appear to be full of himself or stuck up in any way and I think he misses the simple life but likes the fancy life as well. I look at pictures of him and I look into his eyes and I see someone special, someone not of the main stream, someone like myself in many ways. I would give almost anything just to meet him and talk to him, hold his hand and look into those green eyes.


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