I am the type of person that gives people chances but when I am through I am through and there is no giving anymore chances. When someone hurts me I never forget and when someone fucks me over I remember for a very long time. Some people forgive easily but I am not one of those people because I have been fucked over so many times that I must stand my ground to protect myself.

My sister is a prime example, she fucked me over big time and looking back she waited in the wings for years cultivating her plan and manipulation of my grandmother. My sister is the purest form of evil that walks this earth and she lives with bad karma because of it. If she were dieing and needed a kidney I would let her die because she has never been real family and she has fucked over other family members as well.

I know that sounds terrible of me but I would help a stranger before I ever helped her again. My sister uses people and buys her love from  stores and mail order catalogs, and she is the butch in her lesbian relationships and she cheats on everyone she has ever been involved with. She is a very unhappy person and hasn’t realized that her evil ways are keeping happiness from her life.

I do not set out to hurt anyone on purpose and even when I had to end a relationship I did it in a way that was kind and gentle. I hate arguing and I do not have to be the leader in my relationships. I would prefer to let someone else take the lead as long as it didn’t get me hurt or hurt someone else in the process. I have learned by hurting someone else I am only hurting myself in the process.

I think I give too much, care to deeply, love to hard and fall even harder so I must be  very careful of the people I let into my life. If I let you in consider yourself lucky because I am not one to open my door or heart to just anyone. I do not like when someone plays with my emotions either because I do not play with anyone because I know how deeply hurt can go and yes I have felt hurt deeper than most.


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