It’s Over

When you have to hire someone to watch your mate, spy on them then your relationship is over because the trust is gone. Someone I know wanted to pay me to spy on their husband because she was sure he was cheating on her. I looked at her and just laughed and that really puzzled her because she had no idea why I was laughing. I told her I thought it was such an insecure act and no I wouldn’t spy on him.

Of course he is cheating on her damn, the perfume on the shirt collar was a dead give away but she refused to put the puzzle pieces together. He was coming home late from work, he no longer wanted to have sex with her, he pulled away from the family, the perfume on the shirt, phone calls he would walk out of the room to take. These are all signs of a cheater and being in denial isn’t going to change the situation.

I do not condone his cheating but damn I sure as hell can understand it as she chisels away at him constantly. She is always putting him down and insulting him in front of others and she is so damn cold the room feels like it is in the sub zero’s. It takes two people to make a relationship and it takes two to break it as well and if you do not communicate with your spouse then you are headed for a crash landing.

She ended up hiring a private detective who showed her proof that her husband was cheating and what did she do? She blamed the other woman and started stalking her. She confronted her and the woman was honest with her and told her she had been sleeping with her husband. The person I know went ballistic on the other woman verbally and the other woman told her to pack her shit her husband was leaving her.

Now they are in the process of a divorce and the woman I know is crying foul and refuses to see that she played a huge part in pushing him out the door. She wants me to feel sorry for her but I cannot and will not. We are not friends but more of acquaintances but she has latched on to me like a life preserver wanting me to help her get him back but only she can do that. 


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