Some people will stay in a bad relationship because it is comfortable and they know what to expect from their partner. Then there are those that stay because they feel an obligation to the family unit and the children. Some stay because they feel as if no one else would want to be with them and that they are not worthy of real love and then there are those that are afraid of bad publicity. Anyone that stays in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill them is a damn fool in my eyes.

I was one of those people who stayed in a bad relationship until I could no longer stand it and I knew I deserved so much better. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave the marital bed but I finally made the move and yes it cost me dearly financially. Some people marry their sweetheart right out of high school and others like myself enjoy being single, traveling and finding our own way in life.

Life is to be lived to the fullest and being loved and loving is part of that and everyone deserves to feel guidy and crazy in love. There’s a huge difference in marrying our first real sweetheart and marrying someone mature and experienced. The second time around should be so much happier because you are older and have experienced so much more than when you were young. 

If you find someone who makes your heart skip a beat and you think about them constantly then you need to meet that person to find out if there is more there. Those that are waiting for someone to knock on their door and love them are living in a dream world because love doesn’t happen that way. The minute you know you want to meet someone is the minute you should make a move to do so.


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