No Fan

No I am no fan of yours and what you have accomplished on the field doesn’t do a damn thing for me. I am sure you have done things that have impressed you but it doesn’t matter to me who you were or who you are now. It’s not hard to figure out why you won’t meet me it’s because you are married or in a relationship with someone. You are not happy but you keep up a good front now don’t you?

How long are you going to live your life being unhappy but content? All the counseling in the world isn’t going to fix what is wrong with your life. You have it all now don’t you? Money, homes, cars, planes, the applause of your fans and the media attention but you do not have real love in your life by your own choice. I am not saying that I am one to love you because I do not know you and do not know if I would even like you as a person.

I would like to meet you to satisfy my own curiosity and frankly I do not care if you are married because I wouldn’t fuck you any way. I have no doubt you have met many a woman who would drop their panties at the sound of your voice but that isn’t me. You look at my pictures and you fantasize now don’t you? You read my posts and wonder if they are about you or directed to you.

Why are you so afraid to meet me anyway? I do not bite or at least not hard enough to leave marks, lol. You have as many unanswered questions as I do or maybe you have fallen in love with me and fear that when you meet me I will steal your heart away. Do you think I would hurt you in some way? You are a grown ass man and you can do what you damn well please so quit acting like you have a school boy crush and you are to shy to talk to me.

Why can’t we sit down like to adults and just talk? Hell you could contact me on skype or yahoo messenger but you refuse to do so. Do you think I am so enamored by you that you would break my heart? Believe me that will not happen because you are nothing but a man who I have fancied a bit but that can all change so quickly now can’t it and you are scared to death of me now aren’t you?


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