I am always very leery when someone tries to befriend me because I have been burned so many times from people that called themselves my friend. I have also learned never to lend money to friends because they tend to feel that they either don’t have to pay it back or they take their sweet time repaying. I used to be a sucker for a sad story and I would help everyone that asked for it or told me a sad story, which was usually a lie.

There is really only one person I would ever ask to borrow money from and it has never been more than $20.00, just enough to put gas in the car and to pick up milk and bread. I hate asking anyone for help and it is really rare that I do. When my dad was alive he helped me out several times and I always repaid him in the time I told him I would but now that he is gone I have no one that I would ever ask to help me out like he did.

We have to be so careful of those that call themselves our friend because most people are just like leeches as they suck as much out of us as they can get. I feel sorry for wealthy people because they are used by so many and that includes family members as well. I have someone online that says they would like to meet me as a friend and I really question why they would want to be my friend in real life.

There is one person that I would like to meet and see if there was anything to build a friendship on but that is all I would want from him. I have no doubt he has dealt with many that wanted to be his friend so they could prosper from his name and fame. I also have no doubt he is very cautious of who he lets into his life and rightly so because he has had people take advantage of him in the past.

I have to really like someone to be their friend and if I don’t like you then we will never be friends. I am not one to play up to anyone and pretend I like them to be their friend and to take advantage of them. I know I sound to good to be true but I am honest to a fault and anyone that knows me knows that I do not use anyone knowingly and I never reach out to anyone with malice in my heart.



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