The Walk

I started walking again and did my first two mile walk with the boys this morning. They enjoy the walk but it is quite warm out today and they got tired so I would carry them for a while and then let them walk again and then carried them. When it isn’t so warm they seem to have no problem walking the two miles and they enjoy themselves so much but wow they fall out as soon as we get home.

I’m covered in sweat and cooling down before I jump into a cool shower which will feel so good against my warm skin. I like having a bathroom in my bedroom but when I move I know I will not be so lucky unless I choose to have some construction done. This house has some nice benefits but I still am ready to move on and close this chapter of my life for good.

We get so used to a certain way of life and we tend to forget where we started out and we end up taking for granted the things we have but I am so adaptable that it won’t bother me to much to down size. My kids have never known anything different from what they have now and I am sure they will experience a certain amount of shock and disbelief. My daughter thought everyone has a sprinkler system and it blew her mind when she discovered that wasn’t so.

I’m ready to kick back and put my feet up as I bought new shoes and they are tight and need to be broken in but they are still quite comfortable regardless. I have to get my ass out walking twice a day, two miles each time so I can lose more weight. I have lost some weight but I am far from my goal and it will probably take a year for me to lose all the weight and meet my goal.

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