To Know

It’s really difficult to know what you are feeling for someone when you are not certain if they are married or involved with someone. I am a widow and dating is so foreign to me and I have somehow gotten hooked on someone who I have never met. I wish I knew if he was still married or involved with someone because knowing that would make it easier for me to forget about him.

I am no home wrecker and would never do anything to split any two people up but the truth is no one can split up two people who are in love with each other. I do not know if he still is in love with his wife or even married and it is making life for me very difficult. I have feelings for this man and I haven’t felt anything close to this in a very long time and I really hate being a slave to my emotions.

If he is divorced he must be involved with someone and I wish I knew if that were the case but I know he isn’t going to tell me one way or the other. Did you ever feel a connection with someone that you have never met? This connection is so deep and strange to me because it is a soulmate connection and I cannot stop thinking about him and I want to so bad. I want to be free of him so I can open my heart to someone who wants to spend their life with me and I them. If you are reading this please tell me if you are married or involved so I know, please care enough about me to be honest with me so I can free myself of you.

I have seen online where you say you are in a relationship but you do not say you are married so I am not sure what you mean by being in a relationship. I also do not know how long ago you put that out there and I am so confused and spend way to much time wondering. Please set me free, please be the man that I think you are and step up for once and let me know.

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