Shake It

How in the hell can a man piss all over the toilet seat when they have such a small hole to piss out of? They have to shake it to get the last drops of piss of the head of their dick and I wonder if they realize when they shake it more than three times they are playing with it? Then we have the uncircumcised male that doesn’t pull back his skin and it becomes a catch all for piss.

How many men wash their hands after they piss? Not many I assure you and I guess they think that their dick is sanitary territory and doesn’t require a washing of the hands afterward. Men always want their junk played with and sucked but do they realize that those drops of urine are not tasty tidbits? Those that think it is ok to piss and get a blow job have never eaten a pissy pussy, lmao.

I would never let a guy go down on me after I took a piss unless I washed myself because even though urine is sterile it isn’t tasty. You can smell piss a mile away and it isn’t a pleasant odor in the least bit. I won’t even go to the other hole because that is just a shitty subject all the way around, lol. So, the next time you piss shake it twice and wash your hands.


It never seizes to amaze me when people get confused, get lost in their own thoughts, do not know where they are headed and constantly look behind themselves for direction and guidance. This type of person hurts others without intending to or even realizing what they are doing not only to themselves but to others. When you are in a state of confusion you need to step back and shake the shit out of your head and get yourself flying the straight and narrow once again.

Life is a mysterious journey that all of us must travel and I think everyone gets confused at different times in their lives. One can only wait so long for another to get their shit straight and sometimes they must move on leaving the confused with their own confusion. I sometimes think I am more of a man than the men I have known and all I need is a banana in my pants of course it isn’t a shar pei, thank goodness.

I was in my own state of confusion for a very long time but the clouds have cleared and the fog has lifted and I am so ready to embrace all of the good things that are headed my way. I have decided to open myself up to the dating world once again and I am moving forward as I have cut off those that have brought me down and made me feel poorly about myself. I am looking at life completely different these days and I know my strengths and weaknesses and I know my value, finally.

To Hide

There are people that use the internet for research, information, meeting others ect. and then there are those that use the internet to scam, lie, cheat, manipulate and pretend to be someone other than who they are. When you pretend to be someone you are not then you  have malice in your heart and you want to deliberately hurt others with your lies. I have someone on my skype that is so immature and I do believe he suffers from a personality disorder.

He is such a jerk under one alias he uses and then he is nice under another alias and I guess he thinks he is fooling me but he isn’t. He refuses to tell me if he is still married or seeing someone and then under another alias he pretends to be a virgin. What in the sam hell is wrong with this man? I think he needs medication and counseling and if he is on meds then he needs to have them changed.

I used to have respect for this man but not any longer because his actions scream asshole am I and I do not need that kind of crap in my life. He isn’t man enough to show his hand or face for that matter and he is just so fucked up I do not know if there is any hope for him to get better. He must think he is funny but he isn’t one single bit and that is why he is unhappy in his private life and always will be.