It never seizes to amaze me when people get confused, get lost in their own thoughts, do not know where they are headed and constantly look behind themselves for direction and guidance. This type of person hurts others without intending to or even realizing what they are doing not only to themselves but to others. When you are in a state of confusion you need to step back and shake the shit out of your head and get yourself flying the straight and narrow once again.

Life is a mysterious journey that all of us must travel and I think everyone gets confused at different times in their lives. One can only wait so long for another to get their shit straight and sometimes they must move on leaving the confused with their own confusion. I sometimes think I am more of a man than the men I have known and all I need is a banana in my pants of course it isn’t a shar pei, thank goodness.

I was in my own state of confusion for a very long time but the clouds have cleared and the fog has lifted and I am so ready to embrace all of the good things that are headed my way. I have decided to open myself up to the dating world once again and I am moving forward as I have cut off those that have brought me down and made me feel poorly about myself. I am looking at life completely different these days and I know my strengths and weaknesses and I know my value, finally.


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